The most realistic and challenging version of Reversi

This unique version of the classic strategy game is great for all ages, quick to learn and takes just a few minutes to play, making it ideal for your Windows Phone.


  • "One Player" and "Two Players" Mode - You can play against your phone or just challenge your friends and family.
  • Three Levels Of Difficulty - Beginner, Intermediate, Master. Advanced levels are extremely challenging, even for those who have mastered the game. It feel like the AI thinks for itself!
  • GAME RESUME & MULTITASKING - Let you restore playing session. If for any reason you leave the game, get a call, screen gets locked or leave the application completely, you will get the option to resume the game and pick up where you left off last time.
  • Gorgeous, elegant wooden interface with hi-resolution graphics. It looks like you're playing on a real wood board! Amazing Visual Effects and Animations - Variable speed of animation, showing of "reversible" discs and player's turn.
  • Configurable Settings - Allows you to select player names, levels, turn off sound, animations and valid moves.

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