Fruit Picker is one of the most fun and mind challenging game you will ever play. The game is very easy-to-play but extremely hard to master. The object of the game is to pick a required amount of fruits by tapping a group of same fruits from the "All-Fruits" tree and dropping them to the fruit baskets. You can play it for points by tracking the larger same fruit sets falls. Fruit Picker has many many features make it more interesting.

Features included with this version:

  • This free version has TWELVE extremely Competitive Level
  • Each level gets more and more difficult.
  • Beautiful interface with a colorful, sharp, hi-resolution graphics.
  • Amazing Visual Effects and Animations.
  • Automatically saves game level so you could easily continue the game later.
  • Scoreboard to track highest scores by game and levels.
  • Doesn't require internet connection so you can play where anytime.

We hope you enjoy Fruit Picker FREE!

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